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"Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side."

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The work presented here is a triptych project on the theme of time.
This is a modeling of Time through three separate cultures:
-The Mayan cosmovision based on the Popol Vuh.
-Hinduism based on the Vedas.
-Judaism based on the Bible or the Torah.

There is a time at an individual level but also a cosmological time level with the use of tool such as calendars and clocks, for example. The roman calendar commonly used nowadays is an artificial timetable. As a meter of fact, would it be linked to the possible  disruption of modern civilization ? A planned obsolescence on the scale of a civilization?
My work also aims to provide keys/tools to better understand and adapt to a changing world that has no choice but to shift paradigms in order to survive the challenges of tomorrow.

The idea is to go beyond the visible, beyond the intelligible, reasonable and even probe the depths of the human soul, the world and the universe, trying to transcend our mortal condition, and the inexorable passage of time. Try to reach, touch, feel the perfection of the present moment with the painting gesture and dive deep in the joy of infinity.

Le travail présenté ici est un projet en tryptique sur la thématique du Temps.
Il s’agit d’une modélisation du temps à travers 3 cultures distinctes :
-la cosmovision Maya basée le popol vuh.
-l’ hindouisme basé sur les védas.
-le judaïsme basé sur la bible ou la torah.

Il y a le temps au niveau individuel mais aussi le temps cosmologique avec l’utilisation d’outils tels que les calendriers et les horloges par exemple. Le calendrier romain couramment utilisé de nos jours et qui est un calendrier artificiel ne serait-il pas à l’origine d’un dérèglement programmé de nos sociétés modernes ? Un facteur clé de l’ obsolescence de notre civilisation actuelle ?
Mon travail à donner des clés et des outils de compréhension pour mieux appréhender un monde en mutation qui n’a pas le choix que de changer de paradigme s’il veut survivre aux défis de demain.

L’idée est de pouvoir aller au delà du visible, au delà de l’intelligible, du raisonnable même et sonder les profondeurs de l’âme humaine, du monde et de l’univers, tenter de transcender notre condition de mortel, et l’inexorable passage du temps. Il s’agit d’apporter de possibles pistes de réflexion, mais aussi des éléments de réponses et des outils pour que chacun puisse cheminer et naviguer dans le temps et l’espace, découvrir le champ des possibles, s’ennivrer de l’abondance de la vie, se plonger corps et âme dans le vaste univers et peut-être arriver à suspendre le poids du temps et toucher, sentir, atteindre cet éternel présent source de joie infinie.

Popol Vuh

A journey through life

Photographer, painter, Haya B is a protean artist, multifaceted that loves all forms of art. French / Belgian living and working in Brussels, Haya B. offers a work that takes its roots from many experiences, meetings and travel. After a bachelor in arts, her steps will take her to discover different artistic, cultural, professional worlds and as well as spiritual dimension. From Vietnam through the United States, Europe of course but also Guatemala, India and Israel … Haya B. is a mix of culture and style that makes fun of academism. It is a singular world where dreams and reality are constantly interrelated and refer to this double questioning fiction / reality … & finally admit that they are both inseparable and work together. Haya B. could be a concept, a trademark, a style, or both. Haya B. is also the source of a unique concept of work in the research and practice of media writings especially with the photographic and video medium called Viral Serial Photography/Video. She regularly organizes collaborations with different artists around this search/practice and continues to improve her art while developing her technic in storytelling. Obviously, this is an invitation to travel, to overcome prejudice, a window on the world, a call to see beyond appearances and to integrate the concept of unity in diversity.

Brussel Belgium

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